Impregnated base paper

Impregnated base paper

The impregnation of base paper by impregnation is a common method of producing base paper. The base paper used in impregnation is called impregnated base paper and porous structure. It has good liquid permeability and tensile strength. Base paper is made of wood pulp and sand, and made of light. Bleached pulp, semi-bleached pulp or cinnabar pulp can be selected according to the requirements of final product quality. Waterlogging solution depends on the requirements of final product quality. Asphalt, paraffin and other organic or inorganic salt solutions can be used. The conditions of pulping, paper making, calendering and staining should be strictly controlled in production. Used to produce all kinds of impregnation plus 1. Paper, such as dyed paper, etc.

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