One of the most common uses of impress decorative paper is on wood based products for furniture and floor coverings. Decorative and special paper is pressed onto the substrate under high pressure and at high temperatures. First, the paper must be impregnated with special resin solutions. These resins form the bond between the paper and the substrate, as well as the usable surface. This surface is long-lasting and durable; it can be smooth or incorporate deep structures; and it can be adapted to suit almost any requirement.


The close connection between design, development, printing and impregnation allows us to supply our customers with first-rate results in all sectors – be it for synchronised pores, very deep press plate structures or other requirements.


We provide a complete service to meet the needs of our costumers in the field of flooring.


Always on the lookout for new opportunities, our Technical Innovation Scouts help costumers to create tailored solutions in the field of impregnation.


When it comes to the development and refinement of our decorative paper, we focus on the haptic and optical appearance of the final product. The final result is a varied and aesthetic range of surface structures and requirements of any kind.


Our extensive experience in the field of impregnating paper, creating resins/additives, and our skill in the processing chain allow us to make a decisive contribution to optimising the productivity and processes of our customers.

  • Customer-Focused R&D
  • On-site Customer Service
  • Optimisation of Pressing Times
  • Digital Colour Matching Station
  • Global Sales Network
  • Collaborative Forecasting Tools
  • Sheet Stock and rolled Goods
  • Lot Size Flexibility
  • Contract Impregnation
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