In 2019, the most stringent environmental protection renovation in Linyi Xuzhou is under way.

In 2019, the most stringent environmental protection renovation in Linyi Xuzhou is under way.

As of August 5, the environmental storm has started for more than half a month. During this period, the plywood mill has stopped production, the catering industry has to go on the lampblack purifier, the automobile repair factory has stopped operation, the traffic police have all gone on duty to strictly check over-emission trucks, the city management has strictly prohibited street stalls, the most common barbecue in summer is found to ban one place, 360 degrees in the air of helicopters without dead angle supervisor. Check……. Find out that violations are punished according to the top standard! People also take this opportunity to travel and see the blue sky and white clouds. Life is not tourism, or to return to normal labor production, to create value for society at the same time, life is more secure, the heart feels solid. So when can we return to normal labor production?

We can see that the current environmental protection measures will only continue, or even become more and more stringent, without relaxing this statement! Only enterprises or individuals to change and adapt to the current environmental protection requirements, in order to achieve more long-term development.

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