In China’s plywood industry, two major problems of false propaganda product quality are the most concerned

In China’s plywood industry, two major problems of false propaganda product quality are the most concerned

Many countries of plywood importers have interviewed Chinese plywood exporters, aiming at the quality disorder that has appeared, they recite a “tight curse” on Chinese plywood export enterprises.

False propaganda and product quality are the problems that foreign importers and consumers complain about in recent years. Judging from the interviews with countries in Europe, the Middle East, Central South America and other countries, these two major issues are indeed very prominent.

China’s plywood enterprises should further strengthen the management of plywood product operators, improve the product quality control system and measures, actively carry out product quality inspection, do not sell products prohibited by laws and regulations, and establish a disposal system for problematic products.

For China’s plywood importers, they are busy comparing various prices, choosing the most desirable plywood products, and doing a good job in preferential treatment strategies; for Chinese plywood exporters, they are busy preparing enough goods in advance and studying the price reduction strategy, so as to miss the best profit-making season.

This is also the busiest season for our plywood quality inspection department.

Some local plywood industry associations have fully fulfilled the inspection and verification obligations of plywood promotion advertisements in China, and prohibit the publication of sales advertisements with inconsistent contents or incomplete supporting materials.

Some Chinese plywood exporters, in order to catch the eye and boost sales, make false propaganda on their products, and even raise themselves in disguise by denigrating the goodwill of their competitors.

Product quality is still a pain point, the risk of fake goods troubled buyers.

In addition to false publicity, another prominent problem is product quality.

In view of product quality inspection, some plywood products exported from China have quality problems. The quality of some low-cost products is not up to standard; some of China’s plywood products are replaced by the old; the second generation of plywood products are fake, so it is difficult to distinguish the authenticity. One time hot pressed plywood products are sold as plywood products for two times hot pressing.

In fact, product quality is also the most concerned topic of consumers. “It depends on the intensity of promotion and the comparison of prices, but this is certainly not the only factor to be considered.” It is more important to buy reliable quality.

However, this does not affect the strengthening of China’s plywood supplier autonomy is becoming a governance direction. It is worth mentioning that during this year’s epidemic, China’s plywood enterprises launched the largest scale quality inspection action in history. Before and during the promotion, the “China’s plywood quality supervision and inspection alliance”, which is composed of several authoritative quality inspection institutions and industry associations, went to China’s plywood production sources all over the country, settled in warehouses and entered factories to conduct on-site supervision and random inspection on nearly 100 plywood products in China, so as to ensure the quality of consumer products. In addition, this year, a number of Chinese plywood enterprises have taken the “commodity quality index” as the threshold for applying for the promotion of foreign trade exports for the first time. This set of indexes includes 10 categories of indicators, such as foreign plywood consumer comments, returns and repairs, customer complaints, and test results of relevant departments.

More than 1000 kinds of plywood enterprises in China have participated in the fierce competition this year. No matter how they try their best, the competition will eventually be the competition of quality control ability and product quality.

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