Inadequate inspections put plywood quality at risk

Inadequate inspections put plywood quality at risk

After chinese New Year  ,we did a lot of more plywood inspections ,found that many factories and buyers need more inspection services .After the Spring Festival, the world economy was weak and the plywood purchase orders were seriously insufficient, which led to the inadequate start-up of many plywood factories and unstable production. Make more factories put their energies to optimize product structure and upgrade product quality, so that they can have more competitive advantages when the market recovers in the future.

Lack of inspections deserves high attention ,because it can seriously affect the end users’s confidence .Inspections promote business growth ,protect the buyers and improve the Supply Chain System .Long-term deprivation of Inspections will bring risks of downgrade plywood and cause lasting business relationship damage .

Many plywood industries people suggested that the mills’s directors take more measures to make more randomly inspections .

As the downforward pressure of plywood business and no inadequate POs , factories now trying to put more of their energy on the quality control and production improvement , We heard that more Plywood factories will launch long-term supervisory measures to combat product quality problems .Efforts will be made to strengthen the factorywide supervision and inspection of raw materials.The move mainly targets products of inferior quality exposed by the Plywood QC .While comprehensively implementing random checks to enhance regulation efficiency.The factories’s administration will increase the frequency of inspection of suppliers with records of producing inferior-quality products.

Many plywood buyers would urge plywood enterprises to shoulder their responsibility in product quality and safety and encourage QC teams , including the factories’s own QC team and production departs  and buyers, to consolidate regulation.


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