Indonesian/Malaysian Plywood Grade Rules Quality Assurance and Inspection Grading

Indonesian/Malaysian Grade Rules
FD Grade Free-Of-Defect, very similar characteristics to an ANSI/HPVA “A” Grade.
BB Grade Smooth, tight cut, full length veneer. Natural characteristics of the wood such as pin knots, sound burls, color streaks and spots are allowed. Dead knots, stain and mineral streaks, decay, open splits, rough cut, torn grain, symmetrical patches are not allowed.
CC Grade Natural characteristics of the wood are allowed. However, in comparison to the “BB Grade” the following characteristics ARE permitted: Color, dead knots and rough cut (if well puttied), and hairline splits (max. 6″).
OVL Grade Overlay and Better Grade. In addition to BB and CC grade, OVL may contain dead knots and knot holes (if well puttied), stain and mineral streak, hairline split (max. 12″), rough cut and torn grain.
Industrial Allows open defects such as splits and gaps at the veneer joint as well as all the natural characteristics of the wood specie.
NOTE: The BB and CC grades are usually combined and marketed as a BB/CC panel.
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