Information feedback control of plywood production process

Information feedback control of plywood production process

The information of plywood production site is the origin of all kinds of report information. It truly reflects the basic state of plywood production and operation, and provides the basis for the preparation, implementation and control of plywood production plan. The feedback information, such as daily report of plywood production, progress report of plywood production and quality control report of plywood production, can provide reference for the formulation and adjustment of plywood production plan, so that the superior can thoroughly understand the status of the site when not on site, and provide data support for making relevant decisions.

The information feedback control of plywood production process is that managers analyze the implementation results of plywood production operation, compare it with the planned standard, find out the deviation between them, find out the reasons for the deviation, and formulate corrective measures. The main contents of plywood production information feedback are output, quality, materials, equipment, plywood production line operation status and raw material consumption. The main tools for plywood production information control include plywood production progress report, computer related control, etc.

1、 Plywood production progress report

The purpose of preparing plywood production progress report is to grasp the actual situation of plywood production and determine the plywood production progress. In order to control the progress of plywood production site, special personnel should be responsible for the preparation of plywood production progress report. In addition, the plywood production site should set up a real-time indicator to reflect the production status of plywood, so that managers can see the gap between the actual output and the expected, so as to timely adjust the production rhythm of plywood and ensure the completion of plywood production tasks.

2、 Associated control of computer

Bar code technology and management information system are widely used in plywood production site, so that the plywood production information can be fed back to the plywood production management department in real time. Its application is mainly manifested in the following aspects.

1. The bar code is pasted on the plywood, and the barcode is scanned into the computer system, and the use of plywood is directly fed back to the management personnel through the internal network.

2. The management information system of plywood production site depends on bar code technology and other advanced plywood production and management technology. Field operators only need to input the plywood production information of the responsible stage into the computer according to the requirements of the information system.

Through the associated control of computer, the remote management personnel can know the plywood production situation in real time and deal with the abnormal phenomenon in time.

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