Inspection of Plywood Products

Inspection of Plywood Products

Plywood has been widely used as a kind of furniture and building materials these days. The public is concerned about pollution of indoor air by formaldehyde emitted from adhesive bonded wood products and demands restriction on the use of formaldehyde glue in plywood products.

Under this procedure, manufacturers must have their products type-tested by the  designated testing laboratories recognized by the manufacturers and buyers before applying for registration of their products. Plywood Manufacturers or importers will also be required to ensure by declaration that all products made at their manufacturing facilities .
Manufacturers may establish a quality system complying with the requirements of ISO 9001 and obtain ISO 9001 certificates by the Plywood Inspection Corporation .
Manufacturers may establish a quality system that complies with the requirements stipulated  and obtain a factory inspection report issued by the Plywood QC team .



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