Inspection Rules for Plywood Veneer Core veneer Purchase

Inspection Rules for Plywood Veneer Core veneer Purchase

Quality Requirements

1. Appearance Quality Requirements 1.1 Tree Species: Poplar. A kind of

1.2 The surface of core board should be flat, without knife jumping, burr grooves and other defects. A kind of

1.3 The thickness of the core board should be uniform and uniform. No non-uniform and assembled core board should be allowed to mix in. _1.4 Core plate surface should not be overlapped, cracks with width greater than 5 mm should be repaired, and holes with diameter greater than 2 cm should not be allowed. A kind of

At least one side of the transverse edge of the 1.5 core board is even, and its shortest part shall not be lower than the required lower limit of the length of the core board. A kind of

1.6 Core boards should be square and trim with no burrs. 1.7 The number of core-wrapped boards should be the same. No fraud should be allowed. Size and Specification Requirements

2.1 The difference between diagonals should not be greater than 10 mm. Parallel quadrilateral phenomena should not be allowed in the core plate. 2.2 Size: According to the demand, the deviation of length and width is not more than 5 m m/m. _3. Water content_

The moisture content of 3.1 core board shall not exceed 12%. _random sampling. _3. Number of test samples_

When the total number is less than 10,000, the sampling ratio is 1 and when the total number is more than 10,000, the sampling ratio is 0.5.

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