Inspections and checklist of  Quality of Birch Veneer

Inspections and checklist of  Quality of Birch Veneer

Quality is what we should focus on when choosing birch veneer. Only in this way can we make the quality of the veneer better. So its quality verification method is very important. We need to pay more attention to it so as to make the application effect of the veneer better.

In product quality verification, the cross-section of the product should have a wooden feel. The wood without a wooden feel is not in place, but the roughness is based on the quality of machine blades. The products cut by sharp blades are very smooth, and the products cut by non-sharp blades are not enough. Different products have different weight, density and quality. But not to say that the quality of heavy weight must be good, but also combined with the actual to see.

Product color is the basic means to distinguish the quality of birch veneer, because after all, it is wood, its texture and appearance must be like wood, but no category of products, the resulting wood grain effect is different, affecting its use effect.

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