Introduction of bleaching and color matching technology of birch veneer

Introduction of bleaching and color matching technology of birch veneer

Bleaching is an indispensable process for birch veneer. The function of this process is to overcome the defects of color spots and deep colors of birch veneer. How does this process work for bleached birch veneers?

First, if you want to bleach the wood, you can use hydrogen peroxide to coat the wood surface with hydrogen peroxide, which can release strong oxygen, decompose the wood pigments, and make it white. In order to accelerate the release of oxygen, ammonia water can be added to hydrogen peroxide. This bleaching agent can wet the wood surface, after ten minutes, rinse the bleaching agent off with cold water. It should be noted that ammonia water can not be added too much, in general, 25% of ammonia water can be added about 5-10% of hydrogen peroxide.

Birch veneer

In the production and processing of birch veneer, color matching technology plays an important role, which can improve the color stability of wood in the use process.

In the process of color matching, attention should be paid to mastering the conditions of glue pressure and the speed of pressure reduction, especially when there is more moisture in the slab. Taking the surface whiteness, color uniformity, thermal stability and light stability of bleached veneer as the indexes, orthogonal experiments were designed to analyze the effects of bleaching agents and light-resistant additives, time and temperature on the indexes. At the same time, the supplement of peroxidation of main bleaching agent in the circulation of bleaching liquor and various toner methods for the bleached veneer of discolored birch were also studied. In addition, hydrogen peroxide, sodium hydroxide, sodium silicate as bleaching agent and polyethylene glycol as light-resistant additives can be used to optimize the bleaching process of birch bleached veneer.

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