Introduction to Five Common Grades of Birch Veneer

Introduction to Five Common Grades of Birch Veneer

Birch veneer is light brown to reddish brown with shiny surface and smooth mechanism. Yellow-white slightly brown, rings obvious, wood body pure, slightly hard, fine structure, mechanical strength, elasticity, moisture absorption, drying easy cracking warping. It is not very durable in environments prone to decay. It is more used in the form of splints.

Birch veneer is usually used for special plywood, floor, furniture, pulp, vehicle and ship equipment, plywood, etc. The furniture is smooth and wear-resistant with clear patterns. Birch veneer is graded. Next, we will introduce the grade of birch veneer.

First-class plate, basically equivalent to two sides clear, no binder, belongs to grade A;

Secondary plate, with very few scars, belongs to grade A.

The third grade plate, with individual larger scar and a little small scar, without tree core, is equivalent to AB grade.

Fourth grade board, one side is cleaner, the other side has scars and tree cores, equivalent to BC grade;

Grade 5 sheet, both sides are defective, belonging to Grade C.

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