Introduction to the parameters of flame retardant plywood

Introduction to the parameters of flame retardant plywood

National Compulsory Standard GB8624 Fire-proof Testing Standard B1-B/C Flame-retardant Plywood

Name: Flame retardant plywood

Specifications: 1220*2440* (3-25) mm; 1220*2810* (3-25) mm; 1220*3050* (3-25) mm; 1220*3660* (3-25) mm

Thickness tolerance: +0.5mm

Flame Retardant Grade: GB8624-2012 (B1-B/C)

Free formaldehyde: E0/E1 grade

Density: 560-580 kg/m3

Water content: 5.0-14.0%

Bonding Strength: > 0.70 Mpa

Ribbon Static Strength: > 24Mpa

Transverse static bending strength: > 20 Mpa

Elastic modulus along grain: > 5000MPa

Modulus of elasticity of transverse stripes: > 3500

Thickness swelling rate of water absorption: <12% (using 15mm plate as test standard)

Standard Profile:

GB8624 building materials and products are classified according to the ground materials and non-ground materials, and then determine which grade to choose, and then conduct specific tests.

Grade Introduction:

There are two standards for classifying the combustion performance of building materials in China: Classification Method for Combustion Performance of Building Materials and Classification Method for Combustion Performance of Building Materials and Products (GB8624-2012). Among them, one of the major changes between GB8624-2012 and GB8624-2006 is to reclassify the combustion performance of materials from A1, A2, B, C, D, E, F to A, B1, B2 and B3.

Product advantages:

Excellent flame retardant performance: In accordance with GB 8624-2012 “Classification of Burning Performance of Building Materials and Products” B1-B/B1-C, natural wood has the same environmental protection performance: formaldehyde emission is 0.05mg/L according to GB/T 9846-2015 “General plywood”; formaldehyde emission rate is 0.015mg/(m2.h) according to American standard ASTM D6006-02. Only one fifth of the international advanced standards. High bonding strength: All physical and mechanical indexes are in accordance with GB/T 9846-2015 “General plywood” requirements of “excellent products”, the same as high-grade plywood. Good processing performance: It can be directly used for veneer, paint and gluing, etc. Excellent waterproof, moisture-proof, anti-corrosion and insect-proof functions.

Main uses:

1. Architectural decorative materials (ceiling, partition, wallboard)

2. Wooden Fire-proof Door Frame or Door Fan

3. Fire-retardant wood flooring base material and fire-retardant wood furniture

5. Locomotive, ship splints or decorative materials


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