Introduction to the Production Process of LVL Board

Introduction to the Production Process of LVL Board

LVL sheet is a kind of sheet product with high strength, toughness, stability and precise specifications. It has high technical level in production process, so as to guarantee the quality of sheet metal. LVL board manufacturers have strict requirements for LVL board production process. Through the production processes of log rotary cutting, air drying, drying, slanting, gluing, cold pressing and hot pressing, excellent LVL board products are produced. The manufacturer should choose reliable equipment to create good technological conditions for the production of LVL board.

Introduction to the Production Process of LVL Board

1. Cut logs into veneers with different specifications and thickness of 1-3 mm.

2. After drying, the veneer is dried levelly by a dryer of about 120 degrees, and the moisture content of veneer is controlled at 8-10%.

3. The drying and leveling veneers are spliced into veneers of a certain length and width according to the requirements of the production products.

4. The veneer after drying, leveling and oblique jointing is coated with glue machine. Phenolic glue is generally used, which has the characteristics of environmental protection.

5. The glued veneer is laid in a certain number of layers parallel to the wood grain direction, and then cold-pressed.

6. The laminate formed by cold pressing is heated and solidified into laminate by hot pressing at 160 C for a certain time.

Thereafter, it will be processed by cutting, chamfering and anticorrosive techniques to produce high-performance sheet products, which will be widely used in packaging plants, wood products factories, construction projects and so on.

In short, LVL board manufacturers should strictly control the production process of LVL board, so as to provide guarantee for the quality and performance of LVL board, which can better meet the needs of practical use.

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