Is Red Density board a Flame Retardant Density board?

Is Red Density board a Flame Retardant Density board?




Used flame retardant density board friends, it is easy to form a qualitative understanding, flame retardant density board is red, red density board is flame retardant density board, but ask, red is flame retardant? Not really.




The flame retardant system used in flame retardant density board can be divided into two kinds from the point of view of application. One kind of powder, also known as this powder, another kind of liquid or slurry; because of the different structure of the two flame retardants, their adding process is also different. Powder flame retardants are mechanically mixed with wood fibers, and liquid or slurry flame retardants are also mechanically mixed with wood fibers through dissolution and infiltration. Both methods have their own advantages and disadvantages.




At present, all flame retardants in China are generally white powder or colorless liquid, so if the flame retardant is only mixed with wood fiber, the flame retardant density board produced will be the true color of the essential fiber, not red.




And red is according to industry practice, because the flame retardant density board was introduced from abroad at that time, it is red. Wood fibers are dyed red by adding acid red dyes. So red does not mean flame retardant, just to distinguish it from ordinary board.




So flame retardant density boards can also be wood color, red density boards are not necessarily flame retardant boards, but at present flame retardant density boards are generally made into red.

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