Is the more heavy the wooden boards, the better the quality? No

Is the more heavy the wooden boards, the better the quality? No!

When some consumers buy eco-board or board-style customized furniture, they will be influenced by some reasonable ideas and wrong social perceptions. Subconsciously, they think that the heavier the board, the better the quality by weight, then the heavier the board, the better? Now, it’s time for popular science.

1. Weight of sheets

First of all, consumers need to know that different materials, different weights. Because the weight of the board is related to the density and moisture content of the wood. If we compare the weight of the ecological panels under the same standard (Chinese fir > Sequoia lanceolata > Malacca). Not to say that the quality of heavy eco-panels is good, consumers must combine the characteristics of various panels and their own requirements to choose. It’s not that the heavier the better.

2. Smooth and smooth section

Standard eco-board material is pressed by solid wood, the core material is closely jointed, the cut surface is smooth and flat; while the interior material of fake and inferior eco-board material is very rough, with cracks in the middle, it is easy to warp and deform. If non-environmental protection glue is used in the board, it will bring harm to the home environment.

3. Appearance color

Good eco-board uses high-quality eco-paper veneer, bright color, clear texture, real touch, fade resistance, high temperature resistance, pattern unchanged over the years, still as new.

4. Sheet cross section

The cross-section of the sheet should be neat and clean, and the internal composition of the sheet can be seen through the cross-section, which is an important evidence to detect the real material in the sheet.

5. No pungent odor

The biggest characteristic of E0 eco-board is environmental protection. Even if it is sawn, the inside of the board is more of the smell of logs, and there is no pungent bad odor.

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