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Israel’s young man epidemic opens online class in Beijing to teach foreigners Chinese

Israel’s young man epidemic opens online class in Beijing to teach foreigners Chinese

Israeli boys fight “epidemic” in Beijing: open online courses to teach foreigners to learn Chinese

International online report (reporter Zheng Yu): at present, China is working together to fight the epidemic. Yiliusha, an Israeli young man who started a business in Beijing, is also actively fighting the “epidemic”. Ilyusha’s cultural exchange center in Beijing is an institution that provides training and exchange of Chinese and Chinese culture for foreigners. In the face of the epidemic, ilusha has changed the previous face-to-face training methods and actively used the Internet and wechat to carry out courses. Now, the number of students registered for online teaching has exceeded his expectation.

Ilusha is from Israel. He worked and lived in China in 2008. He likes Chinese culture and food. He can speak fluent Chinese and is a “China expert”. In order to help foreigners better learn Chinese and Chinese culture, he founded the culture yard. Since the outbreak of the epidemic, ilusha has never thought of leaving China. As one of the initial founders of the cultural exchange center, he actively keeps in touch with students from various countries and ensures that Chinese training will not be suspended through online teaching. “As a boss, I can’t suddenly tell my employees that I’m leaving. I have to actively find ways to let the teachers of the exchange and culture center continue to work. Now, we open free online classes through our official account and the Internet, so that many foreigners who are at home and can’t go to work can learn Chinese through online classes.”

In order to strengthen protection, face-to-face teaching can no longer be conducted as before, but online teaching can still ensure that students continue to learn Chinese. Yiliusha said that some students like the online teaching method. They can arrange their study according to their own time, and they can pause and look back at any time. The learning efficiency is also very high.

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