It is expected that the decorative paper and decorative panel industry will continue to maintain a moderate growth trend in 2022.

It is expected that the decorative paper and decorative panel industry will continue to maintain a moderate growth trend in 2022.

April 19, 2022 source: decorative paper professional committee of China Forest Products Industry Association

The surface decoration methods of wood-based panels in China include decorative paper finish (impregnated plastic film paper, high-pressure decorative board, etc.), decorative film finish (PVC, PP, etc.), decorative veneer + coating finish, direct printing + coating finish, etc. among them, decorative paper finish is the main, about 70% of medium density fiberboard and particleboard and 20% of plywood adopt decorative paper finish.

In 2021, China’s decorative paper and decorative panel industry chain showed many common characteristics, with market demand rising first and then restraining, total temperature and growth.

Production and sales continued to grow. The sales volume of decorative base paper was about 1149700 tons, with a year-on-year increase of 3.27%. The output of decorative paper and decorative panel maintained a global market share of more than 60%.

Industry concentration increased steadily. The brand, technology, management and capital advantages of leading enterprises have been further deepened, driving the upgrading of industrial competition level, and the polarization trend has become more and more obvious. There are three decorative base paper enterprises with an annual output of more than 200000 tons.

Supply chain uncertainty is significant. The prices of raw materials such as pulp, titanium dioxide, melamine and wood-based panel fluctuated repeatedly, the cost of energy and logistics rose, and the shortage of export containers tested the toughness of the supply chain in an all-round way, resulting in higher costs and lower profit margins, and some enterprises even suffered periodic losses.

In 2022, the market was flat at the beginning of the year, and the market demand is expected to maintain a moderate growth trend throughout the year. However, new uncertainties in the supply chain at home and abroad are fermenting, and the impact on individual enterprises is further differentiated. European chemical giants have issued a shutdown warning. The conflict between Russia and Ukraine may lead to a shortage of upstream raw materials such as synthetic ammonia in the international market, resulting in a re tightening of domestic raw material supply and price fluctuations. The global COVID-19 pandemic will affect the supply and sales to varying degrees and test the operation and management ability of enterprises.

Facing the increasingly complex, unstable and uncertain international environment, the risks and opportunities of decorative paper and decorative panel industry chain coexist, and the supply and demand pattern may change rapidly. First, we should treat “weird” prosperity rationally. Under the COVID-19, there is a high probability that the “market demand” will be artificially amplified. It is suggested that enterprises strengthen their awareness of risk prevention and control, Preventing “foam orders” “, hold the bottom line and stabilize cash flow. Second, we should actively respond to the pressure and risks of rising costs. It is suggested that small and medium-sized enterprises explore the competition and cooperation mode of heating together, seek strategic cooperation with upstream suppliers, avoid supply interruption, enhance the ability to resist cost fluctuations, and ensure stable production and operation. Third, we should strengthen order management. In recent years, retail sales of household end products have declined, engineering and exports have strengthened, and high-intensity risk has gathered and transmitted to the upstream At the same time, various uncertain factors may affect the delivery on schedule. It is suggested to explore effective ways to share risks with customers, reasonably plan production, procurement and logistics, and maintain a cautious and vigilant attitude to control orders.

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