Keruing Plywood Inspection and QC Checklist

Keruing Plywood Inspection and QC Checklist

Keruing also called  Gurjan ,mostly are widely used in India and INdonesia and malaysia .Also known as: apitong, Sabah gurjun, yang, Malaysian keruing,Indonesian keruing, Sarawak keruing, kruen ,India Gurjan.

When inspect the keruing plywood or keruing face veneer ,you can do the inspection according to the Meranti Plywood, Lauan .the species is very heavy ,red color ,wood grain is not loose .The keruing plywood are normlly exported to INdia ,full hardwood ,very heavy .But also used for the container flooring plywood for many countries and domestic markets .

wood species ,they even have the similar wood grain .

Some other local names :Apitong, hagokhak, panau (Philippines), dan (vietnam) yang, eng (Thailand), kerunwing,
kruen, Gurjan, Klalar, lagan (Indonesia), bagac, Hollong (India) .

Keruing timber is widely scattered throughout the Indo‐Malayan region. More than 70 sub species are in this group and occur in a wide range of soil and climatic conditions from lowland forests to 4300ft above sea level. Trees are medium to large usually with cylindrical boles that can be up to 100ft long. The heartwood varies from a beautiful light‐to‐dark red brown to dark brown, which is usually well defined from the fray or buff sapwood. The wood is strong, hard (air‐dry
density 45 to 50 pounds per cubic foot) and is characterized by the presence of resin ducts which occur singly or in short arcs as seen on end grain surfaces. This timber is classed as very durable.   The durability and stunning appearance of keruing timber make it an excellent and  affordable option for outdoor furniture use.

Origin places : The trees of this genus occur gregariously throughout South East Asia, Burma, India, The Andamans, Sri Lanka, Thailand, South Vietnam, Cambodia and the Philippines.


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