Knowledge of color difference and texture of birch veneer

Knowledge of color difference and texture of birch veneer

Birch special-shaped veneer is also known as facial and veneer. Its main use is to produce plywood, blockboard, formwork, veneer and other artificial boards. Buyers in the same area have different requirements for the quality of their skin. Because veneer is a primary and natural product, it is difficult for the market to form a unified standard for the skin, then the following birch veneer manufacturers will tell you about the color difference and texture of birch veneer.

Birch special-shaped veneer

Usually, the size of birch veneer is coordinated by the seller and the buyer, so as to avoid any problems in the later period, we should pay attention to some problems such as its color difference when choosing and purchasing, so as to ensure the quality of the veneer.

Birch veneer is widely used in many fields. There are reasons why it is so reused, because it has good performance characteristics, especially its color difference texture. In terms of color difference texture, it is required that the color difference between wood bars should not be too large, or it will affect the aesthetics of wood surface, thus affecting sales. It is required that the degree of discoloration should be compatible with the inherent color of wood, and it will not damage the aesthetics of wood surface.

Because of the shortage of wood resources in our country, many manufacturers will try their best to make the best use of wood raw materials. Birch veneer is a wood sheet made by using wood raw materials through professional production technology. In the whole process of natural growth of wood, color difference texture is inevitable, but in order to ensure the overall aesthetics when purchasing, The color difference and texture of veneer are required.

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