Laminated Panels for Recreational Vehicles and RV Market

Laminated Panels for Recreational Vehicles and RV Market

Produces a wide range of laminated wall, ceiling and furniture panels for the Recreational Vehicle (RV) market.

Manufacturers in the RV market require high quality, durable laminated panels that have a wide range of tolerances to heat and moisture, and are able to take more wear and tear than standard panels.

They also need a manufacturer that is able to produce panels in both low and high volumes depending on their immediate requirements.

Surface Finishes Range

Vinyl Films
Melamine Paper
High Pressure Laminates

Wall & Ceiling Panels for RV Market

Extensive range of Paper Foils and Vinyl Films
Plywood Substrate – lightweight plywoods in the RV market, providing significant weight savings in fit-outs
Sizing: Paper & Vinyl Laminated Plywood sheets – 2440mm x 1220mm
Furniture Components for RV Market featuring  quality and Style

We are able to provide contract toll pressing services for high quality laminated panel production. Using   high quality laminating presses   can guarantee the end result and quality of your laminated panels. A toll pressing service gives  the option to provide   laminates and/or substrates for processing into panels perfect for your needs.