Liability for flawed plywood

Liability for flawed plywood


The cracked and unusable plastic film is flawed plywood. Because the flawed plywood generally does not endanger personal and property safety, it will not generate tort liability, and most of them are liability for breach of contract. According to the relativity of contract, at this time,  can only ask the seller who has the relationship with him to bear the responsibility for breach of contract, instead of asking the producer to bear the responsibility beyond the seller.


If the sold plywood does not have the performance that plywood should have, and does not meet the plywood standard indicated on the plywood or its package, or the quality status indicated by the description of plywood and physical pattern, the Seller shall be responsible for repairing, replacing and returning the plywood, and if losses are caused to consumers, the Seller shall compensate for the losses.


To sum up, consumers should first correctly judge whether it is the problem of plywood defects or the problems of plywood flawed after purchasing the plywood with problems. In recent years, different solutions should be selected according to different situations. Judicial justice is everywhere, and we should all believe in judicial justice. Therefore, consumers should also learn to pick up the weapon of law to protect their legitimate rights and interests from infringement!

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