Lightweight Solid-Core Doors inspection checklist and quality control

Lightweight Solid-Core Doors inspection checklist and quality control

In addition to  extensive range of sizes,   can also coordinate faces with timber veneers or large format digital printing.

Applications: Benefits:





Moisture resistence

Customisability of face finish

Variety of sizes available

Reduction of installation and transport costs

Balsa Door Core

Reduce the overall weight of large doors by using lightweight Balsa as the core material. The doors are constructed with a Balsa core, framed with a 127mm Hoop Pine/MDF frame and then skinned with MDF faces.

Customers have the option of applying timber veneers, digital printing or painting the door faces.

By utilising the advantages of lightweight Balsa,  reduce installation and transport costs as well as reducing OH&S handling issues. The approximate weight of a 2100 x 920 x 40mm is only 38kg.


Balsa Core

Widths Lengths Thicknesses
450mm 2100/2400/2700mm 35/40/44mm
600mm 2100/2400/2700mm 35/40/44mm
870mm 2100/2400/2700mm 35/40/44mm
920mm 2100/2400/2700mm 35/40/44mm
1000mm 2100/2400/2700mm 35/40/44mm
1200mm 2100/2400/2700mm 40/44mm
1500mm 2100/2400/2700mm 44mm
1800mm 2100/2400/2700mm 44mm

Falcatta Edge Glued Door Core

Falcatta Edged glued door core is a lightweight panel for commercial door manufacture. Solid Falcatta lumber is glued edge to edge to create a stable core product.

The single layer version is 27.5mm thick, whilst the 33/38mm thickness is a 3 layer construction providing more stability.

Falcatta Edge Glued Core – Single Layer

 Widths Lengths Thicknesses Pack Quantity
 830mm 2050mm 27.5mm 36
920mm 2110mm 27.5mm 36
1220mm 2135mm 27.5mm  36
1200mm 2440mm 27.5mm 36

Falcatta Edge Glued Core – Three Layers

 Widths Lengths Thicknesses Pack Quantity
1200mm 2135mm 33mm 30
1200mm 2440mm 33mm 30
 1200mm 2440mm 38mm 26
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