Linyi will phase out 2.1 million cubic meters of wood-based panels in 2019

Linyi will phase out 2.1 million cubic meters of wood-based panels in 2019


According to relevant statistics, there are more than 6800 wooden enterprises in Linyi City, with an annual output of more than 39 million square meters of wood-based panels. The production of plywood, decorative fancy panels, EV wood and other 10 series of more than 300 varieties, formed a plywood,MDF, particleboard, Fancy panels and film faced plywood as the leading product series, both flooring, furniture and other categories, with a total output value of more than 130 billion yuan. According to 2.1 million cubic meters, Linyi will phase out 5% of its production capacity in 2019. About 350 wood-based panels enterprises will be eliminated and shut down. In recent years, Linyi wood industry has been transforming and upgrading to build brand advantages. In order to cultivate leading enterprises, improve regional influence and promote the transformation of new and old kinetic energy. The trend of environmental protection in Linyi is more and more stringent. Thousands of small scattered and dirty enterprises have been eradicated. In recent years, news such as night inspection and shutdown of production and rectification are often heard. The elimination of backward production capacity in chemical industry will further increase the cost of wood-based panel enterprises, while the rising price of finished panels is weak, which has brought tremendous pressure to local wood-based panel enterprises in Linyi. The formulation of this target indicates that the shuffling of Linyi man-made panel industry is still intensifying in 2019.

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