Low and stable lumber market

Low and stable lumber market

1. Southeast Asia saw timber market: Teak market is low and stable.

2. African sawmill market: With downstream factories entering the production stage one after another, the African timber market has entered the upstream channel recently, and the buying gas of most timber markets has increased significantly.

Lacquerwood market trend is flat. Lacquer wood is mainly used to replace Okoume. At this stage, Okoume market is relatively light, there are few inquiries for lacquer wood, and the shipment volume is relatively weak.

3. North American sawwood market: Recently, North American timber market trend overall preference, various types of timber market turnover than before has increased. Among them, white wax wood is still the darling of the home decoration market, the market volume is very good.

4. South American sawmill market: twin-leaf sawmill market needs to be recognized. According to the merchants, twin-leaf hematoxylin has always existed in the form of logs in the domestic market, but in recent two years more and more merchants began to sell twin-leaf hematoxylin sawn into lumber. However, due to the low yield of twin-leaf hematoxylin, the price of sawn lumber is relatively high. At this stage, the recognition of the downstream market is not very high, and the market still needs to be promoted.

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