LVL LVB Boards Inspection

LVL LVB Boards Inspection

Laminated veneer lumber (LVL): The wood is peeled into veneers over 1 mm thick by rotary cutting, then coated with glue, thickened and laminated.After drying, the surface is roughly sanded. Its processing technology and structure are the same as that of plywood, but the surface is not covered with high-grade decorative veneer.Usually its thickness is thicker than plywood, has a strong tensile and torsional resistance, mostly used for building formwork, decoration and decoration of the base material.The common materials in our country are poplar and pine.

First ,check the required  sizes ,thickness and width 38 x 225 x 3900 mm is or not ,standard sizes or other sizes .

2. Raw materials of the LVL Board,Pine or Eucayptus or Poplar ?

3.Check if the suppliers have full sets of certificates , if OSHA Certified ?

4.Check the glue types of th LVL  ,have the test reports ?

5.Check the production process ,how many layers and how are the pressing rates of the hot pressing line

6.thickness tolerance ,sizes tolerance

7.Surface natural  defects such as decay ,worm holes ,dead knots or knot holes …

8.  Manufacturing flaws  such as delamination, warp, twist, bow, or shrink ,high moisture content .

9.Check the LVL and LVB structure ,When considering appearance, LVL is like plywood, but the direction of the wood grain is always parallel to the length and laminated in the same direction.

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