LVL Progressive Plate Manufacturer Teaches you the Method of Identifying Plates

LVL Progressive Plate Manufacturer Teaches you the Method of Identifying Plates

LVL directional board is a new type of structural decorative material, which can be seen everywhere in the market nowadays, but the quality of products has always been the focus of our attention. Let LVL directional board manufacturers teach you how to identify the quality of plates today:

LVL Progressive Plate Manufacturer

First, if the surface of the plate feels smoother and there is no rough feeling, it is a high-quality plate.

2. Users can gently tap the surface of the board with their fingers when choosing and purchasing. If the sound sounds clear and crisp, it is a high-quality forward board. If the sound is thick, it means that the water content of the board is relatively large, and users are not advised to buy it.

3. When purchasing, we should carefully observe whether the surface of the forward plate has defects such as breakage, bruising, hardness, scarring and so on.

Fourth, there is also a very important criterion when choosing and purchasing, that is, the amount of formaldehyde released, you can smell whether there is a pungent smell, if the selected plate has a distinct pungent smell, it needs attention.

5. Generally good sheet surface is smooth and smooth. There will be no decay on the surface. Surface cracking or wear is less than 50X60mm, moisture content is 6-14, and formaldehyde emission is less than 5mg/l.

In addition, consumers should also go to the regular manufacturers to buy when choosing to buy, to distinguish the quality of LVL forward board, because the quality of the board will directly affect the use effect, so users can not ignore any details when purchasing.

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