Main Characteristics and Detailed Explanation of Phenolic Adhesive

Main Characteristics and Detailed Explanation of Phenolic Adhesive

Phenolic adhesives include unmodified phenolic adhesives and modified phenolic adhesives. Unmodified phenolic adhesives are mainly used for adhering wood, manufacturing water-resistant plywood, aviation plywood, ship board, carriage board, advanced particleboard, etc. It can also produce magnesia-carbon high temperature brick. Modified phenolic corrugates are used as structural adhesives to bond metals to nonmetals. Manufacturing honeycomb structure, brake pads, grinding wheels, composite materials, etc., has been widely used in automobile, tractor, motorcycle, aviation, aerospace, machinery, military industry, ship and other industrial sectors.

However, the curing of phenolic resin requires a higher temperature, pressure and a longer time. The curing conditions of phenolic resin are much more stringent than that of urea-formaldehyde resin, which is unfavorable to the actual production. Reducing the curing temperature of phenolic resin and shortening the curing time have the following meanings, such as avoiding the volume loss of wood-based panels caused by too long hot pressing and too high hot pressing temperature, improving product performance, reducing equipment investment and energy consumption, ensuring product quality, improving product qualification rate and improving production efficiency. In recent years, many studies and achievements have been made on the rapid curing of phenolic adhesives at home and abroad. The research progress of accelerating the rapid curing of phenolic adhesives from the aspects of catalyst selection and improvement of synthesis process was reviewed.

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