Main Classification of Base Paper

Main Classification of Base Paper

I. Corrugated Base Paper

The national standards are classified into four categories: A, B, C and D. Grade D corrugated paper is basically eliminated by the market, and few manufacturers buy and use it.

2. Carton paper

1. Kraft cardboard. Features: Long fiber, heavy sizing, high physical strength, rough cardboard; pure wood pulp or a small amount of OCC. Abbreviation: imported cow cards.

2. Imitated kraft cardboard. Characteristic: 15-25% wood pulp hangs on the surface, the rest is OCC; the fiber is shorter and the strength is worse than that of kraft paper. The paper surface is smooth, sizing with different degrees (water absorption 30-55g/m2) and surface dyeing treatment. Abbreviation: Domestic Niuka.

3. White cardboard. White cattle stuck bottom, surface bleached wood pulp, the rest of the color or dyed wood pulp.

4. Recycled paper. All of them consist of OCC, but they are different from corrugated paper. The surface of AOCC noodles above 11 # is dyed. The market is generally referred to as grade C carton paper, part of which is called T paper.

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