Manufacture of wood-based panels

Manufacture of wood-based panels

Wood-based panel manufacturing refers to the production of plywood, fiberboard, particleboard, Blockboard and woodwork board which are processed from wood and its residues, cotton stalk, bagasse, reed and other plant fibers to meet the national standards, as well as the manufacture of decorative panel with secondary processing of wood-based panels. The production and application of wood-based panels have improved the comprehensive utilization rate of wood. 2-3 cubic meters of wood can produce 1 cubic meter of wood-based panels, but 1 cubic meter of wood-based panels is equivalent to 3-6 cubic meters of wood. Therefore, the development of wood-based panel manufacturing industry has played a prominent role in alleviating the contradiction between supply and demand of wood products, protecting forest resources and ecological environment, and promoting sustainable development.


Analysis and Forecast of Wood-based Panel Production in China

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