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Marine Grade Plywood

Marine Grade Plywood is considered to be one of the most efficient types of plywood. It is made of Douglas fir, making it very lightweight but very strong and durable. Marine Grade Plywood features waterproof glue to hold the plies together.

Marine Grade Plywood Features

Marine grade plywood comes in A-B grade of ply. It is made in 4×8 with wood that does not require treatment from chemicals to prevent rotting. The plies are stacked perpendicular to each other, making marine grade plywood much stronger.

In addition, the waterproof glue used by marine grade plywood allows it to hold its plies together without fail. No matter how much water or moisture is exposed to it, the waterproof glue will not be affected.

Available Marine Grade Plywood Sizes

  • ¼”
  • ⅜”
  • ½”
  • ⅝”
  • ¾”
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