Marine Plywood Aquatek Hydrotek Joubert Okoume

Marine Plywood Aquatek Hydrotek Joubert Okoume

Aquatek Marine Ply – 48” x 96″Aquatek is a lauan based marine grade plywood. This structural marine panel is made to the slightly less stringent specification 6566. Offering few to no core voids, more plies, and a competitive price, Aquatek is a lower cost alternative to the higher spec BS1088. Different sizes are available.

Hydrotek BS1088 – 48” x 96″Hydrotek is also a lauan based, multiply, marine grade plywood that is manufactured in accordance with the British Standard 1088 for marine craft. The actual specie is Red Shorea. This panel offers some savings over the Joubert Okoume, but is a lauan based product and therefore heavier and does not carry Lloyd’s of London certification. Additional sizes are available.

Joubert Okoume – 48” x 98″Joubert Okoume is the highest quality marine plywood available today. Joubert Okoume is certified by Lloyd’s of London to be manufactured to the British Standard 1088. This lightweight panel is used almost exclusively for marine applications. The type of customers who ‘typically’ purchase the BS1088 okoume can vary from the hobbyist boat/kayak builder to the largest boat manufacturers in the world. Additional sizes are availabl

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