Master poplar bleaching veneer

Master poplar bleaching veneer

Poplar bleached face is loved by everyone, and the consumer market is very broad. However, the face should be well maintained in season. The manufacturer will introduce the relevant knowledge for you.

When paving the veneer floor, it is necessary to grasp the proper size, leave a certain expansion coefficient for the veneer floor in different seasons, and the floor gap is not suitable, which will affect the paving effect. The floor gap is too dense, and the phenomenon of arching deformation will occur when the veneer floor is inflated in the damp season.

In addition, after the completion of the veneer home decoration project, there will be a warranty period of half a year to one year. The seasonal cracks in the project should be repaired, such as the door jamb and the wall, and the joint between the gypsum line and the wall. The expansion coefficient of the two materials is different, and the cracks are easy to occur when the air humidity changes. This kind of cracks belongs to normal cracks, which is from the humid summer to the dry In winter, this kind of phenomenon is more common and belongs to the warranty scope of decoration company.

These are the maintenance tips of poplar bleached face leather. Have you learned them?

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