MDF QC Inspection Checklist : Part 2 MDF Simple test methods

MDF QC Inspection Checklist : Part 2 MDF Simple test methods

Here are some simple way to test the MDF without tools ,just simple inspection according to the MDF grades rules .

1: eye view

  1. Surface cleanliness and smoothness: When we get a density MDF , we first see whether there are obvious particles on its surface. If there are particles, it means that impurities are involved in the manufacturing process. Then we can see whether its surface is smooth from the side. If it is not smooth, it means that there are problems in the material or coating process.
  2. Cross-section: The length of sawdust particles in the center of cross-section is generally 5-10MM, too long structure is loose, too short deformation resistance is poor, resulting in static bending strength not up to the standard.
  3. Color: Good density MDF s are generally white or yellowish in color. If the color is found to be dark brown, there may be quality problems.

Two: touch

  1. Smoothness: When we touch the surface of the density MDF by hand, if there is a smooth feeling, it means that the quality of the density MDF should be good, if it feels more astringent, it means that the processing is not in place.
  2. Strength: We can pick up one end of the density MDF and tremble a few times. If we feel that the MDF is very strong, it shows that the quality of the MDF  is better and the poor MDF  is easy to break. You can also feel the overall elasticity of the lower MDF , and the inferior MDF  is generally hard.
  3. We can press the MDF with our fingers or gently scratch it with our nails on the density MDF . If we can’t press it down and a white print appears after scratching, the quality is better.

Three: smell

We can ask about the odor of the MDF . If there is a stimulating odor, it means that the formaldehyde content of the density MDF  exceeds the standard. Good MDF  has no stimulating odor. We can also put the density MDF  in water to soak it, and see its swelling degree in a short time to judge the quality of the density MDF .

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