Measures to prevent birch veneer from cracking

Measures to prevent birch veneer from cracking

In the use of birch veneer, the occurrence of dry cracking has a great impact on the use of the board. We need to understand the cause of its dry cracking, take relevant measures to avoid the occurrence of this abnormal phenomenon, and achieve better use effect. Next, I will tell you about the measures to prevent birch veneer from drying and cracking.

Birch shaped veneer

Generally, the veneer will crack after a period of use, which is caused by the lack of water. After all, as a wood, it will not lack water like trees, and once the time is long, the loss of water in the wood will lead to deformation and cracks. This is what we need to maintain some of the furniture care fluid to maintain moisture and ensure its service life, so moisture is a very important factor in veneer application.

The regular maintenance of birch veneer can ensure that the application effect of veneer is good, but it must not be too much, because excessive moisture will also lead to deformation of veneer and affect its use effect.

The above is for you to introduce birch veneer anti cracking measures related to the introduction, I hope to help you.

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