Medium Density and High Density Overlays

Medium Density and High Density Overlays

MDO (referred to as crezon) and HDO, are plywood panels manufactured by taking a sanded plywood blank and laminating resin impregnated paper to them.The density or weight of the resin in the paper helps determine its specific use.These products are used in a meriad of different industrial applications like the sign industry, the transportation industry, and also for concrete forming.

Concrete Formply

Oil& Edge Sealed This basic form ply product is 11/16” or 3/ 4”. It is sanded plywood that is treated with a special release agent to provide easier release from the concrete.
Overlaid Formply This plywood product is manufactured with a phenolic resin impregnated paper bonded to it.The panel is then treated with a release agent to assist in easier release from the concrete. The combination of the quality of the overlay and how the forms are looked after will determine the number of pours yielded out of every panel. Also the quality of the overlay will be one of the determining factors in the finish of the of the concrete.
HDO Formply This product has a higher density of resin impregnated to the paper,which,depending on the usage, could yield more pours, and, or a smoother finish.

Supplier Links for MDO & Formply: CanPly Plum Creek MDO Olympic MDO / HDO Olympic Prefinished UV Olympic Sign Ready UV Richmond MDO Westlam

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