Medium density board can absorb sound

Medium density board can absorb sound

With the medium density board being used in life, I believe you all have a good understanding of the advantages of medium density board.

The sound absorption performance of MDB is related to its density. Soft MDF is a light porous material with good sound absorption effect. When the noise is projected on the material, most of the volume is reduced and disappeared due to reflection, transmission and absorption. Therefore, the medium density board material is used in building interior decoration, which can reduce indoor noise and noise echo.

So how can we distinguish the sound absorption performance of MDF?

First of all, we need to understand that the density, thickness and processing method of MDB, as well as the different frequency of sound, will affect its sound absorption effect. The smaller the density of MDP is, the better its sound absorption effect is. The thicker the density is, the better the sound absorption effect is. The medium density plate with large thickness can absorb the low frequency sound wave better, but when the frequency of the sound wave exceeds 4000Hz, the increase of thickness has no great effect on the effect of absorbing the sound wave.

Secondly, the perforated soft medium density board has obvious sound absorption effect and good absorption ability for high and low frequency sound waves. Soft MDP without drilling is easy to absorb medium and high frequency sound waves. Hard medium density plate has better absorption effect for high frequency sound wave.

Therefore, in the choice of home decoration and furniture, if you want to reduce noise, we might as well choose medium density board products to achieve good sound absorption effect.

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