Medium density fiberboard-Determination of flush tensile strength


Medium density fiberboard-Determination of flush tensile strength

1 Subject Content and Scope of Application

This standard specifies the method for determining the plane tensile strength of MDF.

This standard is suitable for indoor medium density fiberboard.

2 Reference Criteria

Preparation of MDF specimens in GB 11718.3

3 Equipment and measuring instruments

3.1 Wood universal testing machine.

3.2 Special fixture, see Figure 1.

3.3 vernier caliper with accuracy of 0.02mm.

3.4 stopwatch.

4 Sampling and specimens

Sampling and cutting of specimens are carried out according to GB 11718.3.

5 test methods

5.1 Measure the width and length size at the center line of the length and width of the specimen, with the accuracy of 0.1 mm.

5.2 Adhesive the specimen to metal or wooden clip head and test it after curing. See figure.

5.3 When testing, the loading speed is 0.030+0.015 mm/s. The tensile force is increased evenly until the specimen is destroyed. The destroying load is read out from the force gauge and is accurate to 10N. If the seam is destroyed, the data will be scrapped and the specimen will be retested on the density specimen.

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6 test results

6.1 The plane tensile strength Z (Mpa) of each specimen is calculated according to the following formula and is accurate to 0.01 Mpa.

Z = F/ab

Formula: F – failure load of specimen, N;

A – Length of specimen, mm;

B – Width of specimen, mm.

6.2 The plane tensile strength of each plate is the arithmetic average value of three specimens, accurate to 0.01 Mpa.

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