Medium Density Fiberboard Technical Requirements and Inspection Rules

Medium Density Fiberboard Technical Requirements and Inspection Rules

1. Subject content and scope of application

This standard stipulates the technical requirements, inspection rules and marks, packaging, transportation and storage of MDF.

This standard is suitable for indoor medium density fiberboard.

2. Citation criteria

Definition and classification of MDF in GB 11718.1

GB 2828 Batch-by-Batch Inspection Counting Sampling Procedure and Sampling Table (Suitable for Continuous Batch Inspection)

3. terminology

3.1 Local softness

Local looseness resulting from poor pavement or gluing.

3.2 corner defect

Defect caused by damage to the corner or edge of a plate

4. Technical requirements

4.1 grading

Products are divided into three grades: special products, first-class products and second-class products.

4.2 Specification and deviation

4.2.1 Thickness specifications are 6, (8), 9, 12, 15, (16), 18, (19), 21, 24, (25) mm, etc. Thickness and size deviation shall not exceed Table 1.

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