Medium Density Overlay (MDO)

Medium Density Overlay (MDO)

MDO is made with a high-quality paper that is saturated with phenolic resin and overlaid on exterior-grade plywood panels. Specially selected veneers, beneath the overlay, provides a smooth surface ideal for painting. MDO is manufactured with waterproof resins that meet or exceed all veneer-grade, adhesion, and construction requirements.

Innerplies and backs are all “C” grade or better. The overlay is bonded to the specially selected veneer for a smooth, paintable surface. MDO may be specified with paper overlay on one or two sides and primed or unprimed.

MDO is generally used for truck and trailer liners, signs, soffits and fascias, boxes and crates, exterior color accent panels, garage doors panels, cabinets and built-ins, and any applications where long lasting paint or coating performance is required.

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