Medium desity fiberboard-Determination of moisture content

Determination of Moisture Content of MDF

Medium desity fiberboard-Determination of moisture content

1 Subject Content and Scope of Application

This standard specifies the method for determining moisture content of MDF.

This standard is suitable for indoor medium density fiberboard.

2 Reference Criteria

Preparation of MDF specimens in GB 11718.3

Principle 3

By weighing, the lightened mass between the sample and its drying to constant weight is determined, and the ratio of the lightened mass to the constant weight after drying is determined.

4 Equipment and Measuring Instruments

4.1 balance with a sensitivity of 0.01g.

4.2 Air convection drying chamber, the temperature can be controlled at 103 2.

4.3 dryer, diameter 250mm.

5 Sampling and specimens

Sampling and cutting of specimens should be carried out according to GB 11718.3.

6 test methods

6.1 specimens were weighed immediately after sampling, and the accuracy was 0.1g. Attention should be paid to avoiding changes in water content from sampling to weighing.

The 6.2 specimens are dried to constant weight at 103 2 C of the thermometer. After cooling in the dryer, they should be weighed immediately to prevent the change of moisture content of the specimens from exceeding 0.1%.

7 test results

The water content W (%) of 7.1 specimens should be calculated according to the following formula, with an accuracy of 0.1%.


Formula: m sample quality, g;

The mass of M specimen dried to constant weight, G.

7.2 The water content of each plate is the arithmetic average of the water content of three specimens, accurate to 0.1%.

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