melamine fumiture surface paper

melamine fumiture surface paper

Melamine Plywood or Melamine blockboard furniture refers to furniture made by surface finishing of plywood,blockboard ,medium density fiberboard or particleboard. A large part of this kind of furniture is wood-grain imitation furniture. At present, the decoration materials of some wooden-boards furniture sold on the market are more and more realistic, gloss, feel and so on. Wooden boards furniture can be divided into:

Melamine Paper finish

The decorative paper is impregnated with melamine glue and then hot-pressed on the board substrate at high temperature. Because of its high requirement for the surface smoothness of the board substrate, it is usually used for the surface decoration of particleboard and medium density fiberboard and plywood and lumber core blockboard. It has good resistance to scratch and waterproofing, and is suitable for production. It is mainly used in the manufacture of panel furniture.

The decorative paper of melamine board can be divided into thickness (gram weight), imported paper and domestic paper, and surface printing ink can be divided into imported ink and domestic ink. The effect of melamine board decorative paper is also very different.

According to the different dipping process, it can be divided into tri-ammonia gum and semi-tri-ammonia gum. The wear resistance of semi-tri-ammonia gum is inferior to that of tri-ammonia gum.

According to the different steel plate when decorative paper is hot-pressed, it can be divided into smooth surface, hemp surface, relief, cloth pattern, corrugated, rain silk surface and so on.

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