Melamine Paper Inspection and QC CHECKLIST

When inspect the melamine Paper ,the most important thing is consider the Temperature-controled supply Chain to improve logistics between the factories and the end users .

As melamine Paper is melamine resin  impregnated by Papers .So ,the adhesives are always in valid if in a controlled temperature ,can not use the dry container or wet container .

When inspect the melamine paper ,all the melamine paper should be covered and sealed in a closed container .

Inspectors can be easily distracted from their task for brief moments. In this case, Melamine papers can reach downstream production processes and the customer without being inspected. This situation can lead to unsatisfied customers and product return claims.

It is also possible to classify the Melamine paper according to the type, position and number of defects

  1. Basic module
    Patches, insects, dirt, paper displacement, paper folds, overlay faults, thermal reams
  2. Reflex module
    Dents, press plate faults, overlay faults, paper abrasion, synchronized grain check

The other inspection checklist are similar like HPL sheets and decorative papers or films :

1.melamine paper color ,texture ,wood grain ….

2.Weights and 35 to 120 grams per meter

3.Recycled paper or fresh plain paper

4.Color variation …


6.other defects ….

Melamine paper has clear structure and pattern. Its surface texture is excellent. Those factors can give you a good condition to distinguish the quality of melamine paper. There are three kinds of melamine impregnated paper in the market, they are wear-resistant surface paper, decorative impregnated paper and balance paper. Wear-resistant surface paper is used for laminate floor and melamine plywood . Decorative impregnated paper is the special decorative paper impregnated with glue, it is not only used for laminate floor but widely used for furniture and plywood lamination. Balance paper is used for laminate floor. Laminate floor can use any kind of impregnated paper, and it is also the field that use impregnated paper most.

The storage of Melamine Impregnated Paper ,The right way of storage of melamine paper is good for the future daily use and also for extending the service life. The humidity and temperature is not enough, the air conditioning is needed in the warehouse, if all the condition is suitable, and the warranty of the melamine can be last to three to six months. Storage of Melamine Impregnated Paper Sixty percent humidity and less than twenty-five degree celsius will make the state and technical indicators of the storage melamine paper same as the new ones when stored in the warehouse. The resin will turn soft and the impregnated paper will adhesive each other easily with high humidity and temperature. Otherwise the paper turns fragile. Additional, after adjusting to the condition when storing in the warehouse, the melamine impregnated paper is easy for high pressure.

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