Method of Medium Density Boards Painting

Method of Medium Density Boards Painting

Many friends called me and asked me how to paint the MDF board. Today I’ll tell you about the method of painting the MDF board.

1. Material selection is very important for good paint on MD board. If it is a thick board, the density should reach at least 740 kg/m_or at least 800 kg/m_if it is a thin board. The higher the density, the better the effect of paint.

2. Painting also requires the surface of MDP. Thin boards need sanding surface, and low moisture content, fine fibers, high external bonding strength. Such boards need less amount of paint, reduce waste, and make finished products look beautiful.

3. Start painting, in order to achieve good paint effect, we need to achieve two bottom sides, which means brushing two primers and one top coat. If the quality of the plate is good, the bottom side can be generally, which saves both cost and manpower.

Painted MDF

Of course, what we need to pay attention to is that we need to use atomic ashes to make putty blanks when painting. Remember not to use ordinary putty. Ordinary putty will not be firm if the glue proportion is not well controlled. The nail eye and screw eye on the medium density board can be smoothed with putty (atomic ash), which may need two to three times, because putty will shrink and be mended. Painting or spraying is not allowed until it has been repaired.

Take white paint as an example. Simply speaking, there are the following steps in painting medium density board:

First brush transparent primer; Atomic ash patch eye, polishing; Spray white paint primer, polishing to repair; Spray white paint topcoat.

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