Moisture-proof MDF

Moisture-proof MDF

Moisture-proof medium density board is to add a certain proportion of moisture-proof particles in the production process of the base material, which can greatly reduce the extent of expansion of the board in the presence of water. It is mainly used for building materials moisture-proof, is extended from the melamine board. In the process of production, adding appropriate ingredients can reduce the expansion of the sheet, so as to achieve moisture-proof effect. The common moisture-proof board is green particles, while the better one is red particles.

Waterproof board can be damp-proof, and the performance of damp-proof board is only damp-proof. So don’t mistake the moistureproof board for waterproof. The essence of moisture-proof is that it has a layer of moisture-proof layer on its surface, which can greatly isolate moisture, thereby reducing the expansion rate of the moisture-proof board.

On the market, the discrimination degree of damp-proof board is relatively high. Generally green is suitable for door panels, bedroom wardrobe doors, etc., while red damp-proof board is suitable for cabinet doors and toilet doors.

What methods do we have when choosing moistureproof boards?

Moisture-proof MDF

1. Environmental protection performance: When identifying the environmental protection performance of moistureproof board, it is necessary to check its environmental protection performance with the inspection report. Then check it with the environmental protection sign. Whether the model is the same as the environmental protection sign.

2. The strength of moistureproof board is determined by its internal structure. In general, when selecting materials, the internal particles should not be too large, otherwise, there will be more internal voids, resulting in low strength. So it should be cut to see the size of the internal particles.

3. Moisture resistance is the main factor. A small sample can be taken and immersed in water for a period of time to observe the results.

When we buy moistureproof board furniture, how to maintain it?

Do not use sharp objects to scratch or knock; when the surface is wet, it needs to be wiped in time, although for the damp-proof board, but not in time to dry, long time will also lead to expansion; if the damp-proof board on the surface, if the sealing edge falls off, it will expand because of contact with too much water vapor, so when the sealing edge falls off, it needs to be filled in time.

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