Molded door panel skin

Molded door panel skin

Molded door panel refers to the use of MDF or HDF or steel plate as the base material, with the surface decorated with Fraxinus mandshurica, black walnut, Huali and sabili and other natural solid wood skin, or decorated with melamine paper, or without any veneer and skin, through high tonnage vacuum molding machine, in the high temperature, high pressure and high heat environment, using “one-time molding” or “two-time molding” technology The low-carbon, environmental friendly, beautiful, convenient, non cracking and non deformation door panel is produced.

High quality molded door panel is closely related to molding machine, production process, panel quality, skin quality, glue quality, employee quality and inspection standard.

Molded door panel can help the majority of wood door factories to achieve “assembly line production, ecological development”, which is the general trend of wood door industry in the world, and has been selected and favored by more and more wood door manufacturers.

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