Molded wood door skin material

Molded wood door skin material

The low-carbon, environmental friendly, beautiful, convenient, non cracking and non deformation door panel is produced by using “one-time forming” or “two-time forming” technology under high temperature, high pressure and high heat environment through high tonnage vacuum molding machine with natural solid wood skin, or melamine paper or without any wood skin and skin.

High quality molded door panel is closely related to molding machine, production process, panel quality, skin quality, glue quality, employee quality and inspection standard. Molded door panel can help the majority of wood door factories to achieve “assembly line production, ecological development”, which is the general trend of wood door industry in the world.

1. The molded door is a large-scale product of the machine. In addition, a large number of fast-growing trees and finger jointing materials are used, making the price generally between 200-400. It’s a lower price door. And the general solid wood doors are between 1000-3000, and the solid wood composite is also between 600-1200. Of course, there are also miscellaneous brands whose market price is lower than the normal range, but they often cut corners and have no guarantee of quality.

2. The thickness of the molded door is 1.5-3cm, the surface has exquisite wood texture, natural and delicate, and its decorative effect is completely comparable to that of the solid wood door. Moreover, the molded door skin can press out a variety of modeling styles, and can be painted into a mixture of various colors, so the modeling is beautiful and not easy to be the same. The modeling effect of solid wood door is beyond reproach, but the wood line of modeling is easy to crack because of secondary molding. The solid wood composite door is generally pasted with 0.3mm-thk trimeric hydrogen ammonia wood door skin, which has poor hand feeling, so it can’t be painted again, and it’s not easy to repair! The solid wood composite door with 0.3mm thick wood veneer is much thinner than that with pen molded door!

3. Compared with solid wood doors and solid wood composite doors, the molded doors of good quality manufacturers have the characteristics of dense texture, not cracking, not easy to deform, and can prevent expansion, contraction and warpage. Zhang Gong said that there is no solid wood door without cracks, but the molded door avoids the problem of cracks.

4. The molded door can be divided into single door, glass door, shutter door, sliding door, folding door, sub mother door and double door.

5. As long as the copper hinge with mud blocking oil of good quality is selected for the molded door, there will never be the problem of poor hand feel! And the solid wood door is really heavy, which is easier to deform.

6. The molded door is the most suitable type of mixed accelerator, especially the white mixed oil.

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