Moldy plywood: a headache for major plywood manufacturers

Moldy plywood: a headache for major plywood manufacturers

As we all know, at present, most of the packaging box base materials are plywood, and plywood is made of 1.2-2.0 poplar, Eucalyptus or hardwood through wet wood rotary cutting, natural air drying or rapid drying, bonding by urea formaldehyde adhesive and then hot pressing.

As we all know, there are three conditions leading to wood mildew

First, the existence of moisture is an important reason for plywood mildew. Too high moisture will not only lead to plywood mildew easily, but also easily lead to plywood gluing, directly affecting the structural strength of plywood products. In plywood production, the main factors affecting the moisture content of finished products are: veneer humidity, moisture content of glue, preheating time, hot pressing time and pressure holding time. At present, some workers in some manufacturers often shorten the time of preheating, pressurizing and holding pressure in order to work progress, and ignore the quality of products, which directly leads to the moisture of plywood products can not be fundamentally guaranteed.

Second, the level of nutrients, will directly related to the second element of plywood mildew, high nutrients will not only lead to plywood mildew easily, but also lead to plywood pests.

In order to reduce the cost and greatly reduce the glue content, some manufacturers use a large amount of flour to increase the viscosity of plywood, which will lay a hidden danger for the mildew and insects of plywood in the future.

Third, the existence of oxygen is also one of the inducements of plywood mildew discoloration, but oxygen is everywhere, to isolate plywood, it is basically impossible. Some log dealers or processors generally adopt the method of sprinkling water or soaking logs in water for a long time, and its principle is to prevent mildew. This process is limited to log processing.

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