Moulded Door Skin Manufacturing and Technology

Moulded Door Skin Manufacturing and Technology

The Handling and Processing of MDF moulded door skins after they exit the press presents the equipment manufacturer with a number of challenges  .

As door panels are pressed in pairs, the resulting panel has a profiled section and is generally somewhat “wavey” in nature. The panel must to be trimmed and ultimately split in such a way that the cuts align perfectly with the profile of the panel.  

Special Stackers and feeders were specifically developed to handle the product. These were required to operate consistently at feed rates of up to 30 panels per minute.

In addition to trimming, stacking, feeding and cooling, a complete paint line system is also offered. Panels are conveyed through a continuous coating lines and curing oven to apply the required amount of primer coats.

Moulded door skin post-press lines continue to be custom designed to suit your  production requirements.

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