Multiple factors cause the price of artificial panels to rise everywhere

Multiple factors cause the price of artificial panels to rise everywhere!

Since March, the price of wood-based panels has been raised many times due to the impact of environmental protection and raw material prices. Especially since the 321 Xiangshui Big Bang, chemical enterprises around the country have been consolidated. Some of them have stopped production directly. Formaldehyde, urea, glue and other water used in industry have risen, and wood-based panel manufacturers have called out that “the cost really can not be hurt”. At present, many sheet metal enterprises have issued price increase notice.

_As the main raw material of wood-based panel rubber, urea market prices have risen many times in recent years. At present, urea prices in all provinces of the country continue to increase by 10-90 yuan/ton. Formaldehyde, another major chemical raw material used in wood-based panels, has risen by nearly 300 yuan per ton since the beginning of the year, which indicates that the production cost of wood-based panels will increase further.

Due to the rising price of chemical raw materials, the price of floor materials such as Wen’an and Bazhou in Hebei Province has not only increased by 1-2 yuan in recent years, but also most of the board factories have made it clear that they do not accept oral reservations and need spot cash. On April 1, Langfang Plate Factory also reflected that the local glue price has increased, and the price of plate will continue to rise in the later period.

Linyi, Shandong Province, is affected by the price increase of glue and eucalyptus. Recently, the price has been raised. The price of eco-panels has been raised by 2 yuan per sheet. In view of the recent frequent environmental safety checks, some brand enterprises say that if the procedures are complete and the hard indicators can be reached, the impact of the checks is not significant, while small enterprises often stop production and suffer a lot from it.

_As early as early as the first ten days of March, a large number of price increase letters have been issued for wood-based panels in Guangxi, which is due to the long rainy season, resulting in timber shortage, difficulties in acquisition, and rising prices. It is understood that last year and even after the year, Guangxi has been continuously raining and raining, fresh-sun wood will always be wet by sudden rainwater, the raw materials of the board are difficult to dry, and the rainy season is very long, the producers are dry two days rest three days, real three days fishing two days drying nets.

_Xuzhou local board prices have not changed for the time being, but many upstream veneers closed down. The main reason is that the industry threshold is low, there are too many veneers producing wood, the supply exceeds the demand, coupled with seasonal price increases of raw materials, the volume of shipments is not high, resulting in very low profits, prices can not be sold, still falling, coupled with the impact of local environmental inspection on production, many veneers are directly under pressure. Door.

_At present, chemical factories throughout the country are under strict inspection and rectification, coupled with the continuous environmental storm, some rectification, some closure, raw material prices are basically one price a day, it is unrealistic for downstream plate factories not to increase prices. If there is a need to purchase sheet metal, please make reasonable preparations for stock preparation.

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